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In order to take advantage of a content marketing strategy, I decided to build a blog. The goal of this project was to build a platform that allowed me to create content in an efficient manner. This platform needed to be easy to navigate on the back end, and still boast fast page load speeds to maximize any SEO efforts built into the site. Another feature of the site is an email gathering funnel to build an email list for marketting purposes.

Because of the nature of a blog, this site is built as a decoupled architecture website that displays all of its information from data that is retreived from a content management system that is used as a platform for creating blog posts. The content needed to update on the website whenever it was modified on the back end.



The outcome for this project was a successful implementation of a website built with a decoupled architecture. The blog is a fully optimized and responsive web asset that allows for the implementation of a content marketing strategy and boasts an email gathering feature through Mailchimp, blazing fast page load speeds with Gatsby.js, on-page SEO, pagination, a custom user interface for easy and intuitive navigation throughout the site and webhooks that trigger a build on the website whenever content is modified on the content management system.

This project features:

  • Dynamic content served via CMS
  • Programatically created pages
  • Decoupled CMS architecture
  • Pagintation
  • Dark/Light theme toggle

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